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Real-time ETL with switch anonymous

Real-time extraction, transformation and load (RTETL) is a system for collecting XDR streams from interface probes (eg. Polystar probes), parsing them, filtering, anonymizing and delivering them in desired format and protocol to clients. How to manage RT ETL and protect subscribers personal informations?

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Reduce Energy Use and Change Habits

REACH - Reduce Energy Use and Change Habits

The aim of REACH is to contribute to energy poverty abatement at practical and structural level. This project tend to empower fuel poor households to take actions to save energy and change their habits, and to establish energy poverty as an issue that demands structural solutions at local, national and EU level.

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Bioenergy and Food Security OLT Manure, icon

Bioenergy and Food Security OLT

The main purpose of the BEFS OLT (crop and livestock residues) is to perform initial screening of specific bioenergy projects to assess the projects’ environmental, social and economic performance. Hence, it is a tool that provides an indication of projects’ strengths and weaknesses and supports decision making and at the same time raises awareness on sustainability performance among the users.

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